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  • MIRTH&YIFT™ at Manila Bulletin

    Today, MIRTH&YIFT™ offers a unique range of hand-carved mother of pearl earrings, hand-sculpted cold porcelain bridal accessories and handcrafted silver jewellery dipped in gold.

  • MIRTH&YIFT joins Manila FAME+

    Setting the bar higher for ourselves: we've longed to join Manila FAME and what a great feat to undertake is joining its online community FAME+. 

    Organized by the Department of Trade and Industry – Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (DTI-CITEM),

  • 2021 is here

    The brand new year welcomed MIRTH&YIFT with positivity as we embark in yet another milestone: joining the giant fashion ecommerce Zalora.
  • Love, Mirth and Yift

    When we created the Lia Collection last April 2020, we knew exactly what we wanted to do with it - to give back. Full 100% of its sales were donated to the World Vision Philippines' COVID-19 Emergency Response.
  • 5 Reasons We Shop From A Friend's Small Business

    Each and every day, we are inspired by stories and posts of our friends sending all sorts of care gifts to one another. It's refreshingly special to give as well as to receive.
  • Love for jewelry and handcrafting

    Inspirations make a healthy mindset. It is always easier to involve ourselves with something if we are inspired. When we surround ourselves with beautiful inspiration, we tap onto the right mindset, get into the right habits and perfect our actions with the right routines.
  • Setting up Mirth

    In 2015, I made a list of "35 Things I Want To Do When I Turn 35" and was pretty pleased with how I ticked off one thing at a time throughout that year... there's one that lingered on my list (and later became part of then new year's resolution) - I wanted to start a business.
  • Finding balance

    Personal choices are called "personal" because you can always ground yourself back to a certain moment and make a decision.

    Never lose yourself in the process. Breathe, close your eyes and think hard of what is truly important. Stress can be eating up a portion of ourselves. Finding ways to stay fit or maybe indulging in a thing or two to feel beautiful can contribute to the resonance of a positive aura.

  • Why handmade is pricey

    Real jewelries and fashion accessories come in different designs, made of different materials and are available in different price ranges. If it isn't real gold, the next expensive kinds are the custom-made or hand-crafted pieces. 
  • In times of pandemic

    Mirth & Yift continues to support by pledging 100% of sales of all remaining earrings under the LIA Collection and 10% of any regular pair sold from the core mother of pearl collection.