MIRTH&YIFT joins Manila FAME+

Setting the bar higher for ourselves: we've longed to join Manila FAME and what great feat to undertake is joining its online community FAME+. 

Organized by the Department of Trade and Industry – Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (DTI-CITEM), FAME+ is Manila FAME’s new digital trade community platform. Since its opening last October 2020, FAME+ has taken the Philippine design into the digital age by bringing together exhibitors, buyers, and stakeholders—the FAME+ community—in one digital space. Unbound by space and time, FAME+ is open 24 hours a day, 365 days since its inception.


MIRTH&YIFT is bringing its collection of intricate, hand-carved mother of pearl designs particularly the bestsellers Camila and Belinda, to the FAME+ community. Staying true to its one-of-a-kind limited-pieces-only approach, each piece is adorned with freshwater pearls, brass anthers and in soft colors of white, pink and yellow. 

Fresh to the eye and very promising, the brand is also showcasing new designs of bridal earrings, combs, hair slides and tiaras. Made of cold porcelain, each and every flower is hand-sculpted and  hand-sewn to create dainty and contemporary pieces. 

Give our storefront a look at Manila FAME's FAME+ community. Here's the link: https://fameplus.com/brands/mirth-yift