Shipping Policy

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, shipping of purchased items will follow a strict schedule and process.


Saturdays only for Metro Manila, subject to change after the enhanced community quarantine is lifted. For non-Metro Manila, shipping will resume after the enhanced community quarantine is lifted.

Saturday shipments will temporarily be made via contactless delivery c/o Grab. Once the enhanced community quarantine is lifted, all shipments will be processed via LBC. No pickup, special or rushed delivery will be allowed.


The default shipping fee is paid by the buyer. Mirth & Yift will ship paid items during Grab booking slots every Saturday, subject to change without prior notice. No definite time is guaranteed. For Grab shipments to be booked by the Buyer, these may be arranged from 3pm-5pm during shipping days.

Any difference between the Standard Shipping rate and the booked rate will be returned by Mirth&Yift® along with your package.

Refund or replacement do not apply for Lia Collection. Refund policy for the core selection applies. In case of lost shipment, the receiving party takes full responsibility of coordinating with local courier.


Should you choose Bank Deposit as your mode of payment, please do so within 24 hours upon checkout. Otherwise, we'll have to cancel your order and release the inventory back to the website. Kindly inform us if payment is made or if you will schedule it differently. 

Reservations are not encouraged. Unfortunately, we don't allow reservations for any of the items.