Shipping Policy


Under quarantine protocols, our shipping schedule follows a Saturday-only policy. To be included, all purchases must be confirmed and paid by Friday, 11AM. All orders beyond cut-off will be included in the next schedule.

All purchases will be shipped via LBC and shall follow the courier's current shipping lead time.  No deliveries c/o delivery apps. Pickup, special or rushed delivery is not encouraged.


Shipping fee will be shouldered by the buyer unless a code for free shipping is provided at the checkout.

In case of lost shipment, the receiving party takes full responsibility of coordinating with local courier.


Please check our Refund/Returns Policy. Refund, returns or exchange do not apply to any item under Lia Collection. 


BPI, BDO or credit card transactions via PayPal only. Should you choose Bank Deposit (BPI/BDO), you may deposit within 24 hours upon checkout. Otherwise, we'll have to cancel your order and release the inventory back to the website. Send your proof of deposit to our Instagram account @mirthandyift or email us at

Reservations are not encouraged / accepted.