MIRTH&YIFT™ at Manila Bulletin

MIRTH&YIFT™ launched in 2018 with a collection of locally sourced products. Our own-designed handcrafted bags were commissioned from artisans in Albay; we taught the process and designs of our colorful hand-sewn beaded earrings to a group of women in Bulacan. These are archived collections that form part of what we are continuously building.

Today, MIRTH&YIFT™ offers a unique range of hand-carved mother of pearl earrings, hand-sculpted cold porcelain bridal accessories and handcrafted silver jewellery dipped in gold. Both our mother of pearl earrings and cold porcelain pieces are handcrafted in Manila, with the latter using our very own recipe of non-toxic air dry clay. These unique pieces are adorned with locally sourced freshwater pearls, beads and accessories.

The most recent collection of handcrafted statement pendants that are designed with curated gemstones and made of silver dipped in 18k gold, are proudly Bulacan-made. 

All handcrafted and 100% made in the Philippines, we are humbled each time we receive appreciation of our craft. Here's the link to the Manila Bulletin feature: