5 Reasons We Shop From A Friend's Small Business

Each and every day, we are inspired by stories and posts of our friends sending all sorts of care gifts to one another. It's refreshingly special to give as well as to receive.

The current tough times sure taught us a lot and pushed us just right to learn new, different ways to survive. Learning a new skill, decluttering the KonMari way, enrolling in an online course or simply putting more time in meditation are amongst the popular. Day by day we see fresh bakes (top favorites: bibingka, sushi bake and ube cheese pandesal), handmade goods and even plants on our Facebook feed being offered by our very friends. Supporting is always a good idea and everyone should try it!

If this were a Zoom call, raise hands if you bought from a friend who already has or just started a small business (100% yeah?). Let's take a moment to place the reasons for choosing to shop from small businesses, especially if they're friends.

Friends supporting friends is genuine Appreciating earnest effort and showing support to a small business especially to that of a friend is genuinely a thumbs-up. People love to support people they know.

It's personal. When you plan and order your birthday treats from a friend, it is for a special reason. Life milestones are very personal, all the more buying from a friend to celebrate them with. On an honest note, it is heartwarming to prepare and serve orders we've received from friends whether for their personal use or for birthday and anniversary gifts to their loved ones.

Passion creates quality. Speaking from experience, the best kinds of buys are the ones from the small shops that we know. If someone is passionate about something, it is most definitely of good quality. If a friend is selling something he/she is passionate about to another friend, it is most definitely a product of best effort. 

It's a win-win. Shopping from a friend's small business means a lot of good things: personalized quality, good price and lasting connections. Transactions may not work out 100% at all times, but one way or another, a successful buy is a win. Surely, if it is a friend buying from a friend, it is not a one-time thing. A repeat purchase speaks volumes. Small businesses make joyful leaps when you buy from them.

Spread positivity. Challenging times call for optimism. Most of us have engaged in support activities or joined groups promoting empowerment, passions and new learning. Shooing the negative vibes and boosting up on positive energy is good for business. Always choose and buy for the right reasons and if you shop from a friend, for sure it's for a good one.