2021 is here

In 2018, our first collection of mother of pearl earrings was showcased in curated trunk shows before the official brand site mirthandyift.com went live. Following this series of trunk shows, MIRTH&YIFT joined Rustan’s Filipiniana’s roster of prestige brands in July 2019. Like any budding brand that earned notice, we were grateful to be part of Rustan's June 12 feature last year published in The Philippine Daily Inquirer where our humble brand was named "one of the finest Filipino brands".

Our 2020 journey was made meaningful by our partnership with World Vision Philippines' as we took part in the COVID-19 Emergency Response. A curated collection of 20 unique one-piece-only designs was launched and 100% of the proceeds were donated to the cause. This effort was continued on with a collaboration with ICanServe Foundation on October 2020.

The brand new year welcomed MIRTH&YIFT with positivity as we embark in yet another milestone: joining the giant fashion ecommerce Zalora. Featuring over 20 of our best selling products, having a storefront in Zalora is a long overdue piece of work that recently came to fruition.

So, what else is new in the new year?

New Collection

For the past two years, our core collection of earrings featured mother of pearl material in all of our designs. Different textures, shapes, sizes and colors graced our online and retail stores with a strong position to offer uniquely handcrafted costume jewelry for the modern-day Filipina. The best-sellers Belinda and Camila designs remain to be truly quite the statement. 

What the past months allowed us to have was to explore new opportunities and learn new skills. We continue to evolve and redefine our product mix with the launch of a brand new collection of bridal tiaras, hair slides and earrings. Fresh to the eye, each and every cold porcelain flower is intricately made by hand. Hand-sculpted from our own cold porcelain recipe and hand-sewn with gold-plated copper wire to create dainty and contemporary pieces fitting of the Filipina beauty.

New Category

Apart from a brand new collection of bridal accessories, we've also birthed a new category into our product mix: decorative resin trays. These vanity trays and risers were 100% handcrafted and were made with  high-quality materials. Each decorative tray fits any vanity space and is perfect to hold jewelries, perfumes and beauty essentials.


The past year has taught us to be more resilient than we already were/are. And we aspire to continue to do so. The year has just started and there's definitely a tough ride up ahead. Here's to hoping for the best!