In times of pandemic

Surviving during the enhanced community quarantine period is probably the most challenging time for all of us. It meant so many things for Filipinos: work from home setup, ceasing of business operations for both large companies to the smallest of small-to-medium enterprises, limited transportation, hours of lining up in the grocery, missed doctor's appointments, wearing a mask and facial/body shields everywhere. The list can go on and on. A traffic-free EDSA paints a sad facade of the country's dire situation. 

It is also this time that each of us tested our capability to be patient, to survive and to feel for other people, whether family or not. Companies, big or small, found ways to divert their sales and marketing budgets to help. Ecommerce platforms have immediately acted and allocated their platforms into channels of donation. Celebrities made their biggest audiences during their online concerts. The government provided assistance of many forms.

To do our part, Mirth & Yift launched its LIA Collection last April 19, with one objective: to contribute and share kindness during these tough times. Twelve designs were created whose 100% sales were pledged to World Vision Philippines' COVID-19 Emergency Response. The collection featured twenty pairs of hand-carved mother of pearl earrings valued twice the published prices of 995 to ₱1,295. To date, the LIA Collection has donated ₱17,378.73 to World Vision Philippines.

Mirth & Yift continues to support by pledging 100% of sales of all remaining earrings under the LIA Collection and 10% of any regular pair sold from the core mother of pearl collection.