Finding balance

Everyday we deal with a lot: people, bills to pay, your Facebook wall and Instagram stories, your business, your corporate job, your hobbies, your art, your writing, your passion, cooking, doing yoga or dancing to your favorite zumba music.

All these things amidst a global catastrophic situation, it is truly hard to find balance. 

These days, we'll find it common for people to invest on what can generate fast earnings. It is brilliant to think this way. Those who did it right are the most brilliant. Being thrown to the wolves and returning while leading the pack is a feat.

However, with many distractions and the tough times swirling around us, we easily get side-tracked. Some of us work for twelve to fourteen straight hours, whether by choice or by need. Some remain strict with an eight-hour structure clocking out 5-0-1. Some, disguise their day cross-spending work hours with screen time as usual and having the luxury browsing walls and posts or looking through other people's stories. Whether it is honest or make believe, it's a personal choice, especially now that everyone is in a work-from-home setting.

It is natural for people to exert effort to find some semblance of normalcy.

Perhaps, a tinge of new-found excitement over a hobby sparks interest. Learning a new craft could actually be therapeutic and useful. In a more practical sense, whipping up a dish in your kitchen will do the trick just the same. 

Unfortunately, we also fall into our guilty pleasures and habits. Half the time, we make a legitimate claim on plain fun via social media sneaking, streaming of one's favorite series or another fun activity we simply enjoy doing. Then again, it is a personal choice. We can skip the denial and admit that at some point, in the last 60 days, most of us have indulged in one too many of our habits. 

Personal choices are called "personal" because you can always ground yourself back to a certain moment and make a decision.

Never lose yourself in the process. Breathe, close your eyes and think hard of what is truly important. Stress can be eating up a portion of ourselves. Finding ways to stay fit or maybe indulging in a thing or two to feel beautiful can contribute to the resonance of a positive aura.

Make wise use of time. Who doesn't want to have fun when it's the easiest fruit to collect? Try to keep a mindful contribution, be it a small amount for a charity or an extra mile to help a co-worker. Spend some time on creativity. 

Plan and prepare for what's to come. After all, it is not just about you. It is about an entire community of people around you - some of them are important to you and a lot of them don't know you. 

What we plan to do, how we do and when we do them define the type of balance each of us wants to create. Be extremely sharp about your choices, no matter how simple or grand they are. 

Quote from @UsBeyondComfort