Mirth and Yift supports ICanServe Foundation, Inc.

During this year's challenging times, we are blessed and fortunate to be one of the small businesses able to continue and strive through our online channels. Mirth and Yift has shared its journey with people and organizations that are tirelessly committed to contribute to the Filipino community, no matter how small or big the effort is.

We will continue to do so in our own small ways.

Through the years, ICanServe Foundation Inc. has provided support to the awareness about breast cancer. Its various programs have provided education, hope and help to women with breast cancer and with its network of survivors, they shed light to the lives of women with cancer towards total healing.

This October, Mirth and Yift donated 20% of its sales from its pink mother of pearl collection to support ICanServe Foundation's efforts to further the awareness about breast cancer. Additionally, portion of sales from the core mother of pearl collection was added to the campaign.